Spay and Neuter Discount Coupons Available

The United States faces a pet overpopulation crisis as millions of animals are killed each year because there are not enough good homes for them. Taxpayers across the country bear the cost of picking up, housing, and eventually killing these cats and dogs. There is a solution to this tragedy in which everyone can participate. By spaying or neutering companion animals, we can end these unwanted births and reduce the needless suffering that homeless animals endure.

Cat Guardians encourages all pet owners to take advantage of a special reduced rate offer from participating veterinary hospitals to have your pet spayed or neutered - Download locations & coupon. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Call one of the participating veterinary hospitals listed on the coupon.

2. Inform the hospital staff that you have a Reduced Cost Spay/Neuter coupon.

3. Make an appointment and give the coupon to the vet on the date of your pet's appointment.

You must give the coupon to the hospital staff on the date of your pet's appointment to get the special reduced rate. Please note that reduced cost spay/neuter surgery fees, surgery availability and appointment dates, and any pre-surgery requirements are determined by each participating veterinary hospital. Please check with the individual hospitals for their requirements.

You can also check out this list of national and local spay/neuter programs.

Spay and Neuter Facts and Fallacies
Why don't all owners have their pets spayed or neutered? Often due to some of these myths and misunderstandings:


MYTH: Spaying and neutering is painful.
FACT: Veterinarians perform spay and neuter surgeries under a general anesthetic. Animals usually return to normal activity within 24 to 72 hours.


MYTH: Sterilization will make my pet fat or lazy
FACT: Your pet will actually benefit from spaying or neutering. Sterilized pets lead healthier, longer lives. Spaying a female eliminates the possibility of uterine and ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the chances of breast cancer. Neutering a male reduces the risk of both prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. Neutering also will make your pet more affectionate and less likely to roam, get in fights, or become lost. Pets become fat and lazy as a result of overeating and lack of exercise, not from spaying or neutering.


MYTH: Males don't give birth so we don't need to neuter them.
FACT: The old saying "it takes two to tango" is as true for animals as it is for humans. And while a female dog or cat can only have one litter at a time, male animals can impregnate many females each day.


MYTH: It's better for my pet to have one litter first.
FACT: Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, the evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier.


MYTH: I know I can find homes for all of my pet's kittens / puppies, so I am not contributing to the problem.
FACT: You may find homes for all of your pet's litter. But each home you find means one less home is available for the dogs and cats in shelters who need good homes and might otherwise be euthanized. Also, in less than one year's time, each of your pet's offspring may have his/her own litter, adding even more animals to the population. The problem of pet overpopulation is created and perpetuated one litter at a time.


Be a part of the solution, not the problem! Have your pets spayed or neutered.

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